DIY Odor Remover (For Your Car)
How Brake Pads are Made
How to Install Racing Seats
How to Strip a Car COMPLETELY
How to Buy a Drift Car
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How to Metal Etch Your Tools
How to Replace Blinker Fluid
Help me Pick My Drift Car
Adrian oUo
Adrian oUo 18 tuntia sitten
Hey Chris can you do a tutorial on how to mount underglow pls?
patricia teodoro
patricia teodoro 18 tuntia sitten
Adam Jacob Adamson
Adam Jacob Adamson 18 tuntia sitten
18:00 Stock Reverse Lights vs LED
Spotty Saber
Spotty Saber 18 tuntia sitten
You forgot the blinker fluid smh 🤦‍♂️
Ralph Clarence Toledo
Ralph Clarence Toledo 18 tuntia sitten
Tht car is my dream car to
Mission Capable
Mission Capable 18 tuntia sitten
My 2003 truck headlights are completely done. It's my last resort. I'll replace with a new set real soon.
Mathia Iliopoulos
Mathia Iliopoulos 18 tuntia sitten
Papertowel on glass😲😱
LONE WOLF 18 tuntia sitten
Don't crush any cars .more poor people are there who cannot afford that .one day some car will launch with high pounds than you're car.and that day you're car also will be crushed ☺️
Chrism8ts 18 tuntia sitten
how was this 2018
neekeri 18 tuntia sitten
What about the rear suspension? Doesnt it need replacement too?
Lhen Balase
Lhen Balase 19 tuntia sitten
Thanks for the video
Erick Lemus
Erick Lemus 19 tuntia sitten
My car has this issue where I gotta hold the key in the starting position for 30 second to a minute when cold starting. Annoying as hell
Mike B
Mike B 19 tuntia sitten
One doubt For seats which are made of rexine , is there any special method to clean them? or we can apply the same procedure as cloth seats
Jack The Lad
Jack The Lad 19 tuntia sitten
The car is cleaner on the outside than the inside 🤣...sure it's a setup 🤣
Astral Auto Repairs
Astral Auto Repairs 19 tuntia sitten
Chris, I saw you made a comment on Kyle's Facebook post on the building, and I have to ask; "WHEN ARE YOU GOING TO PUT ONE UP?" That would be so cool for your projects!!
Dillz Roblox
Dillz Roblox 19 tuntia sitten
I have watched this video over 100 times and I still can't get over with the hummer is just so cool!
David Briseno
David Briseno 19 tuntia sitten
Bro i work at Pizza Hut😂
Dean White
Dean White 19 tuntia sitten
For anyone trying to get the filter off without the tools you can jam a screwdriver in there and use a hammer to loosen it
akjakata 19 tuntia sitten
What's a good car for a 16 year old who makes minimum wage
arshaq 19 tuntia sitten
Imagine giving what you think is a trash car that doesnt start to your neighbor and then u see him driving it the next day.
li cung
li cung 19 tuntia sitten
Hi Chris, I don't have brake cleaner, can i use soapy wooder instead?
Timmo Rodgers
Timmo Rodgers 19 tuntia sitten
Just pulled the head from my engine and found someone had stolen my PRS!!!!
Faisal Hajooni
Faisal Hajooni 19 tuntia sitten
still waiting for the turbo/supercharge
Julian Montoya
Julian Montoya 19 tuntia sitten
Sonny boy
Sonny boy 19 tuntia sitten
Can I do the same on a brake discs and drums ?
PaulGaming 505
PaulGaming 505 20 tuntia sitten
If my seats have molds in the back, should i replace it or theres some way to clean it? Please reply i don't have knowledge
All You Can Eat
All You Can Eat 20 tuntia sitten
Is this the same as a front lower control arm inner and outer bushing? I was told to repair this in the future
Sulaiman Khan
Sulaiman Khan 20 tuntia sitten
More videos of Mustang
Jose Virgilio Paras
Jose Virgilio Paras 20 tuntia sitten
This video was 6 years ago. And today still usefull as I watched and followed the instructions and successfuly bleed the brakes of my truck. Thanks Chrisfix!
wjb722 20 tuntia sitten
the drill sounded like an angry hornet lol
Sulaiman Khan
Sulaiman Khan 20 tuntia sitten
I'm subscribed
Dusty8056 21 tunti sitten
This was 5years ago? Wow time flys...
funkmaster45 21 tunti sitten
Been trying to figure out the correct firing order because I have a dead cylinder and new wires, coil pack, and plugs. Gonna try yours if it's not the same. Thanks for the vid.
David Flores
David Flores 21 tunti sitten
"But why do you want to go into water that deep" "Because I can"
Dusty8056 21 tunti sitten
I love these ChrisFix videos
Angel Recendez
Angel Recendez 21 tunti sitten
That is so awesome, please tell me how much was all the parts
David Flores
David Flores 21 tunti sitten
I dont have a car yet but ill know how to do this when I do.
rahmatullah zameri
rahmatullah zameri 21 tunti sitten
Dusty8056 21 tunti sitten
Now we know what’s taking so long for a ChrisFish video. It’s because you’re still fixing this boat up.
Dusty8056 21 tunti sitten
I just woke up that’s so loud
Marcus Svensson Almåsgymnasiet
Marcus Svensson Almåsgymnasiet 21 tunti sitten
Best thing i ever seen! HAHAHAHA
iAm Wolfie
iAm Wolfie 21 tunti sitten
You should sell these. Would make a great gag gift. Plus imagine taking these to advance and asking for a refund.
Slow Down Move Over
Slow Down Move Over 21 tunti sitten
What about Sea Foam directly into a vacuum line?
Dusty8056 21 tunti sitten
Here I am 6 years later wow
E L 21 tunti sitten
Try changing a water pump from a honda. Not fun and not so simple.
iAm Wolfie
iAm Wolfie 21 tunti sitten
Why did I click on this 🤦
Dusty8056 21 tunti sitten
indra1 21 tunti sitten
17:17 thts ur twin
Cambodia Wonder
Cambodia Wonder 21 tunti sitten
Wow, I really love the way you did!
Dusty8056 21 tunti sitten
What ever happen to the PT cruiser?
Ishaan Bheemuck
Ishaan Bheemuck 21 tunti sitten
13:26 you can see his face on the reflection of the car😁
Steven Olsen
Steven Olsen 21 tunti sitten
why not turn the tunning screw, all out til it stops, then screw in til it sounds, then 1/2 turn extra
SMS Kaiser
SMS Kaiser 21 tunti sitten
I like how he calls a hummer an suv, funny.
Dusty8056 21 tunti sitten
Every night.. right before bed I watch this video.
SMS Kaiser
SMS Kaiser 21 tunti sitten
I would be the guy to drive it past the guy I bought it from.
Valentino Gaming
Valentino Gaming 21 tunti sitten
1:52 75 year old 😮
Dusty8056 21 tunti sitten
I’m ChrisFixs #1 fan
Twisted Beast
Twisted Beast 21 tunti sitten
Hey will you build it into a Ferrari xd
Jesse Holguin
Jesse Holguin 21 tunti sitten
O my god hes got fukin ak47s for arms hes the strongest dud on FIpost today. He will lift a house. That is a fact.
David Foster-Key
David Foster-Key 22 tuntia sitten
You don’t need automotive carpet cleaner for your wet vac or interior detailer, a small amount of biological washing powder mixed with hot water will do the same job as the former, whilst (in the UK) a product call “Elbow grease” (google it, I am not joking), is by the best interior cleaner / detailer I’ve used. You’ll save a ton of money this way, especially if you’re planning on doing deep cleans semi-regularly like I have to (3 young kids - they can get my seats as dirty as yours in six months no problem!)
Eric 22 tuntia sitten
If its blowing through then your voltage is too high. Also it would be wise to warn your subscribers to wear proper gloves and proper shade lenses so they wont go blind.
Jesse Holguin
Jesse Holguin 22 tuntia sitten
8:36 Dude my man Chris fix is jacked Mf look like a damn bodybuilder that can benchpress a bus
Dusty8056 22 tuntia sitten
Dusty8056 22 tuntia sitten
Gypsyhitman 22 tuntia sitten
Can you use soapy water instead of brake cleaner?
John Botterill
John Botterill 22 tuntia sitten
What brand is the obd2 reader?
Dusty8056 22 tuntia sitten
Hey Chris! I just dug this up 😄
Sulaiman Mohamed Kassam Sait
Sulaiman Mohamed Kassam Sait 22 tuntia sitten
that hummer is a beast
Sulaiman Khan
Sulaiman Khan 20 tuntia sitten
Yes it is
Dusty8056 22 tuntia sitten
@ChrisFix what about blinker fluid???????
Dusty8056 22 tuntia sitten
@ChrisFix at least you won’t have to pull weeds in the snow. 😁
DEVICE 22 tuntia sitten
Im not falling for no shop vac in the tail pipe!!!
skenem 22 tuntia sitten
"But why do you want to go into water that deep" "Because I can"
Jose Flores
Jose Flores 22 tuntia sitten
Who else notice the blinker fluid??
big Nibba
big Nibba 22 tuntia sitten
He did all of this in only 38 minutes...😮
Dusty8056 22 tuntia sitten
@chrisfix should make a video on upgrading a car stereo system. How to install a subwoofer, aftermarket head unit, and speakers.
Ian Twaddell
Ian Twaddell 22 tuntia sitten
What a great video! I'm only 15, but I'm in the process of super cleaning my truck, so it's ready when I can drive. This helped me a lot with cleaning my seats! Thanks Chris! 👍
Nilo Yu
Nilo Yu 22 tuntia sitten
This two times I watch very informative and professional vlog... Watching and support from Al Khafji Saudi Arabia... God Bless
DAVID DRIF 22 tuntia sitten
Marius Barnard
Marius Barnard 23 tuntia sitten
I would suggest double gloving for anyone who is doing this kind of work. It makes changing gloves 10 times faster and easier
Joshua Davila
Joshua Davila 23 tuntia sitten
The amount of times he said solder